Sistema Fellows at New England Conservatory

From the New England Conservatory website:

Sistema Fellows 2012 Graduation

The 2009-2010 Sistema Fellows in Caracas, Venezuela with El Sistema founder, Jose Antonio Abreu. AMP Executive Director, Dantes Rameau, is on the far left.

“The Sistema Fellows Program has two primary goals: to educate 10 people each year to make significant and sustainable contributions to the growth of the El Sistema movement in the United States and, through that work, to contribute knowledge and artifacts that are of use to others interested in growing El Sistema throughout the world. Upon completion of the Sistema Fellowship, graduates of the program are required to work on behalf of The El Sistema movement, preferably in the U.S., for at least one year. Graduates will become members of an ever-expanding network of Sistema Fellows, mentoring other leaders and teachers while developing their own local programs consistent with the original intent of El Sistema.”

The inaugural class of Sistema Fellows, which includes AMP’s co-founder and executive director, Dantes Rameau, graduated in June of 2010.

The third class of Sistema Fellows included AMPlify Co-Founder and Director, Aisha Bowden, and graduated in May of 2012.

In June of 2012, AMP Choir Director Aisha Bowden will graduate as a member of the 2012 class of the Sistema Fellows at New England Conservatory. Following her graduation, Ms. Bowden will return to the Atlanta Music Project to take on a new and exciting endeavor which will be announced soon.

The Sistema Fellows program continues through 2014 with 10 new fellows each year.  By 2014, there will be 50 Sistema Fellows, all part of the national and international El Sistema movement.

Since their graduation, the inaugural Sistema Fellows have embarked on their mission of achieving social change through music by leading the following El Sistema-inspired programs across the United States: