Atlanta Music Project Job Announcements

Below are the latest job opportunities with the Atlanta Music Project


LEAD STRING TEACHING ARTIST (Starts Jan. 6, 2015, Salaried, Part-Time)
The Lead String Teaching Artist will be responsible for leading the Teaching Artists and coordinating AMP programming at the Gilbert House. This includes coordinating weekly curriculum goals, conducting string ensemble rehearsals, managing the teaching schedule, monitoring student attendance and behavior and liaising with parents. This position reports to the Atlanta Music Project Executive Director. MORE DETAILS

PIANO TEACHING ARTIST (Starts Jan. 6, 2015, Hourly)
In alignment with the Atlanta Music Project (AMP) mission, the Piano Teaching Artist will lead group piano classes during after-school hours. The group piano class will support the music theory class at AMP’s orchestra program. MORE DETAILS


AMPlify SITE ASSISTANT (Starts Feb. 9, 2015, Part Time, Hourly)
The AMPlify Site Assistant will work collaboratively with the AMPlify Director and Teaching Artists  through administrative and musical tasks during after-school hours, in alignment with AMP’s mission. MORE DETAILS


AMP/AMPlify MUSIC MENTOR (ongoing, volunteer position)
In alignment with the Atlanta Music Project (AMP) mission, the AMP Music Mentor will assist AMP and AMPlify Teaching Artists with group lessons, provide some one-on-one instruction and assist with rehearsals and concerts. MORE DETAILS