An AMP Solo at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Today was a great day! I’m very proud of one of our students, violinist Chantania Shackelford, who performed a solo at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s Board Of Directors meeting.

The president of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Dr. Stanley Romanstein, invited me to give a presentation about the Atlanta Music Project to the ASO Board Of Directors, as a way of demonstrating how the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra collaborates with various community organizations. Dr. Romanstein also asked me to bring in an AMP student to perform for the Board. I invited nine-year-old Chantania, who started playing the violin with AMP one year ago, when we launched. She did an awesome job! Check out the pictures and video below.

Thank you to Dr. Romanstein for inviting AMP and to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for their ongoing support. Also a special thank you to Ahmad Mayes, Community Relations Coordinator with the Education and Community Department at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, who worked with me to prepare my presentation. Ahmad is also a member of the AMP’s Board Of Advisors.

For AMP to have the support and collaboration of Atlanta’s orchestra, one of the best in the world, is a good deal for AMP. Thank youf Atlanta Symphony Orchestra!

AMP student Chantania Shackelford, nine-years-old performs Beethoven's Ode To Joy for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Board Of Directors.

Chantania poses in front of the Atlanta Symphony Offices with (L to R): Mark Kent (ASO's Senior Director of Education & Community Engagement), Mrs. Shackelford, Ahmad Mayes (Community Programs Coordinator)

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  1. New 6 years ago

    Wow. This saddens me a liltte. Everything these days is revolved around the television. I have been to a few concerts that are all preformed by computers. The visial part of them is very interesting, but the music that is being performed i don’t like. With the whold videogame music, i guess it would be alright if it was not performed all by computers. If the music was being performed by the classical concert orchestra/band, then i think maybe once every few years that would be a nice change to see a concet like that. Getting the sheet music might be the difficult task

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