2019 Summer Series Applicant Recommendation Form

The AMP Summer Series is a competitive, performance-based band, orchestra and choir program targeting experienced middle school and high school musicians. The program lasts three weeks in June 2019, with daily classes taking place from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Five concerts will be performed, including an Opening Night concert with the Imani Winds on Friday June 7, 2019.

AMP Summer Series students are expected to have a solid understanding of note reading, rhythm comprehension and some ensemble performance experience. The AMP Summer Series Philharmonic will be performing music ranging from Level 1 to 3. The AMP Summer Series Festival Orchestra will perform music ranging from Level 4 all the way to standard orchestral literature. The AMP Summer Series Choirs perform up to four parts. In addition, a chamber music program will offered to the most advanced students.

AMP Summer Series classes are led by AMP teaching artists, who are all degreed, professional musicians and music educators. Classes consist of group lessons, sectional rehearsals, music theory, as well as full band, orchestra and choir.

On average, most experienced public middle and high school band/orchestra/choir students will be at an appropriate level for the AMP Summer Series. On average, most youth band/orchestra/choir students will excel at the AMP Summer Series and be offered challenging opportunities in pursuit of musical excellence.

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