Extended Cut: AMP Chick-fil-A Impact Players

Here is the extended cut of the first commercial of the 2014 Chick-fil-A Kickoff game on ESPN, featuring the Atlanta Music Project. Click here for the TV version.

This version features more background on AMP Young Artist, Kamali Brooks. Kamali is in his fifth year with AMP and is a member of a first violinist of the AMP Gilbert House-South Bend Orchestra. His older sister, Nyasjah, and young sister, Sade, and his mother, Marvetta Brooks, are also featured in this extended cut.

AMP Young Artist, Kamali Brooks, shooting a scene for the Chick-fil-A Impact Players video.                                 Photo by Anthony Alston Jr./Solidarity Films.

  1. Shaniya Thomas 8 years ago

    His website is the best so everyone can see when our concerts are and they can see us perform if they never saw us play before and they can see how good we play

  2. Shaniya Thomas 8 years ago

    The chic-fil-a impact extended cut was great because I was in it and we all worked together

  3. Author
    Dantes Rameau 8 years ago

    Shaniya, you and your fellow AMP colleagues did very well. Congrats on your success and keep up the good and hard work. – Mr. Dantes

  4. sade and shaniya 7 years ago

    kamali is my fav brother.

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