Keeyen Martin

Voice, Composition & Improv Teaching Artist

In a generation increasingly defined by cookie-cutter vocalists, mass-produced singles, and formulaic lyrics, the music industry may yet have hopes of promoting real talent and rekindling the “soul” –as well as the “real singing”—of music in the form of Keeyen Martin.

Raised as an only child in Charlotte, North Carolina, Keeyen’s journey as an artist began in the church, where he began singing publicly at the tender age of 5. By 12, Keeyen had written his first song, and at the ripe age of 22, Keeyen Martin’s musical future looks more promising than ever. He recently graduated from Morehouse College with a bachelor’s degree in music and Spanish.

An adept singer, songwriter, and part-time pianist, Keeyen is the definition of a blossoming musician whose dedication to his craft is sure to pay off—very soon. His rare capacity for creating meaningful music, along with his flare for modernizing and mixing soul, pop, and gospel influences allows him to shine bright in the sea of dronish, ready-made starlets that comprise today’s industry. Keeyen’ s own mantra concerning music—“Just do you!”—reveals his refusal to be anything less than original, and at this point in his life, his musical mission to uplift, encourage, and inspire his generation is bound to shake the foundations of popular music in the coming years.

Keeyen has experienced singing background for several Industry Artist, and currently Def Jam recording Artist Rudy Currence. He consistently works with numerous aspiring musicians and vocalists within the AUC (Atlanta University Center) extending voice lessons and the task of directing an acapella ensemble for the past two years. His song catalogue boasts over 150 plus songs, having worked with many notable Artist. Recently Keeyen has performed in various venues from TBN networks, Vh1 Save The Music, and ASCAP. He has shared the stage with artist Isaac Caree, Marian Mereba, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Winans and more.

With his single “Can It Be Restored?” gaining airplay in Charlotte, and mixtape “In The Motive Of Love debuting, and his name becoming more well-known in the Atlanta music scene, Keeyen Martin is not only busy becoming a star in his two hometowns but is also making strides to become a recognizable voice and face around the globe.

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