Nadirah Watson

Grant Manager & Writer

Nadirah Watson has spent the majority of her career as a freelance technical writer, content manager and educator. She has spent the last several years writing grants for small private schools and community organizations, and most recently, managing grants at the federal level for a number of public health programs, including the Center for Disease Control.

Nadirah honed her musical skills as a cellist and is the product of the Dekalb County music education program. “When I was in elementary school, the orchestra teacher from the high school next door came to our assembly and swore he could tell what instrument we’d be good at from the shape of our hands. He told us to put up our right hands and pointed to each of us: violin, violin, viola, bass, etc. When he got to me, he declared me a cellist and I haven’t looked back since.”

Nadirah’s personal experience leads her to fully understand and support Atlanta Music Project’s vision and mission. She continued the love for music fostered in her during primary and secondary school years through her college years and graduated from Kennesaw State University with a BA in English Language and Letters.

Nadirah is an ardent believer that learning does not stop at graduation and that the best learning experiences happen outside of your comfort zone. She hopes to continue her passion to expand educational horizons through her work with AMP and, perhaps, brush the dust off her own cello.


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