Ron Pace

Finance Manager

Ron is a graduate of Pace University, located in New York City where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in accounting and finance. After working at some of New York’s larger corporations (AMEX, CitiBank, TIAA) he embarked on a mission to work in smaller business environments, especially non-profits.

He formed his own company to accomplish this mission. Early work with clients included: The Care Foundation, Make A Wish, and The American Technion Society. These helped to inspire him to always find ways to give back to society. Ron continued to work with smaller companies and non-profits after moving to the Atlanta metro area over twenty years ago. The experience gained from his work in NYC has proved to be invaluable in servicing his clients here in Atlanta. He has worked with numerous non-profits including Best Friends, AV Pride, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church among others. Working in a “music environment” is especially rewarding since Ron has always had a genuine passion for all musical forms; from jazz to classical, R&B to reggae. Lately he’s begun taking up piano as an adult. This has been a real challenge, but it serves as a form of relaxation.

As a father of three adult children, he’s proud that each one is making a positive contribution to society in their own unique way. Despite the demanding work and occasional long hours that come with running a small business, his passion for helping nonprofits remains to this day.

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