Steve Wadley

Owner, Click Media

Steve Wadley is the Owner and CEO of Click Media, a full service internet advertising agency. Click Media specializes in all aspects of online advertising for clients in the financial and health industries. Steve has been generating highly targeted online CPA programs since 1997. All services including graphics, web-hosting, data management and ad spend management are performed in-house giving advertiser clients a one stop shop for all their internet needs. To date, Companies owned by Steve have generated millions of applications and hundreds of millions of dollars in ad spend dollars.

Steve grew up in Atlanta from the age of 3, attended Riverwood High School and The University of Georgia where he studied Finance. In his 20’s Steve owned and operated 5 restaurant/bars in the Atlanta area, one of which is still in existence today, Café 290 in Sandy Springs. “That experience taught me several lessons including the true meaning of hard work, reach for your goals and the most valuable lesson of all – Failure”. Migrating into direct marketing in his 30’s, Steve learned a lot of the principles that would help him succeed in the internet marketing world.

Steve and Jill, his lovely wife of 26 years, raised a family in the Atlanta area. He calls it the greatest experience of his life, and he credits it for his strong desire to make a difference in the world when he can. Steve states that ” If more kids can have access to the opportunities and support that I had growing up, then the world will be a much better place. I am excited to be able to contribute to the incredible goals that the Atlanta Music Project has for their program”. Steve has always been connected to the City of Atlanta and will do as much as he can to help the children of Atlanta succeed.

Steve wishes he attended “Woodstock” with Phil [AMP Board Chair] in the summer 1969.

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